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ERVAN good working atmosphere


As an innovation and technology-driven enterprise, ERVAN has been committed to creating a positive, comfortable office, and a cooperative employee atmosphere. The company's office design is simple and warm, equipped with advanced office equipment and comfortable office furniture. The company also provides our employees with spacious and bright lounge areas for us to relax and socialize. This comfortable office environment makes us feel livable and pleasant, improving work efficiency and enthusiasm. In this big family, everyone can feel the fusion of passion and unity, and contribute to the development of the company together.



ERVAN also focuses on the participation and co-creation of our employees. Whether in project decision-making or in daily work, every employee is encouraged to actively participate and put forward their own ideas and suggestions. The company encourages employees to be creative and bring new ideas and solutions to the company. This open communication and cooperation model makes each of us feel that our opinions are valued, and enhances the sense of belonging and participation of employees.

Secondly, ERVAN also pays attention to the cooperation and unity of employees. When employees can cooperate with each other and share resources and knowledge, work tasks can be completed more efficiently. Through cooperation, employees can complement and support each other, avoid duplication of effort and waste of resources. In addition, cooperation can also promote communication and learning between team members, and improve the professional level of the entire team. Unity is an essential thing for a collective, a team, and an enterprise. At the same time, we can make up for our own shortcomings. It can be described as the best of both worlds. Through unity and everyone's efforts, the company becomes stronger and better.

The company also regularly organizes various employee activities and team building to enhance communication and interaction among employees. The company's leaders and management also maintain communication and interaction with employees from time to time, paying attention to employees' needs and ideas. This kind of care and attention makes employees feel the warmth and humanized management of the company, which further enhances our sense of belonging and loyalty.


ERVAN also pays attention to training and learning opportunities, so that every employee can continuously improve their skills and knowledge. At the same time, the company also encourages us to actively participate in exchanges and activities in the industry to broaden our horizons. This culture of focusing on personal growth makes us feel cared and supported by the company, and stimulates our work enthusiasm and creativity.

We wish 2023 and ERVAN to create a better tomorrow together.