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Dragon Boat Festival


As one of China's four major traditional festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival carries profound historical and cultural connotations. It is not only widely celebrated throughout China, but also included in the national intangible cultural Heritage list. Today, let's explore the traditional culture behind the Dragon Boat Festival. The customs of the Dragon Boat Festival are rich and colorful, among which the dragon boat racing and eating zongzi are the most well-known traditional activities. Dragon boat racing not only shows the spirit of teamwork, but also reflects the enthusiasm and courage of people for water sports. Zongzi, as a special food of the festival, is not only a memorial to ancestors, but also a platform to show local characteristics and traditional crafts. The flavors of zongzi vary from place to place, reflecting the diversity of Chinese food culture. The Dragon Boat Festival is not only a festival, but also an expression of Chinese cultural confidence. On this special day, let us feel the charm of traditional culture together, inherit and carry forward this precious cultural heritage, so that the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival can be sustainable spread.


Of course, the company in order to create a festive atmosphere, reflect the company's care for employees, enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company, specially held a dumplings activity, watching everyone work together, help each other, thick love, is reflecting the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. This activity was full of fun and meaningful, everyone enjoyed it and fully experienced the fun of making zongzi.


Finally, the company also carefully prepared a Dragon Boat Festival zongzi gift box for each employee, so that every little partner can feel the warmth of home and the strength of the team, and wish our team to be closely connected like bundles of zongzi, solidarity and friendship, and jointly create a better future for the development of the company.

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