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Be grateful, everything is beautiful


In order to cultivate the gratitude of corporate employees, promote traditional Chinese culture, and create a strong corporate cultural atmosphere, the company meticulously organized and planned carefully, and specially organized Thanksgiving special events.


In our ordinary work day after day, do you ignore the help of your colleagues? Do you take your company's education and training for granted? Time after time for help at work, time after time for help in life, even a cheap lunch, easy access to documents, a word of comfort when wronged, or a kind smile and an encouraging look. The bits and pieces of experience among colleagues have accompanied our continuous growth. However, we rarely say sincerely: Thank you!

1-2111261A93YR.jpg On the eve of Thanksgiving, the event organizers used the rest time to prepare "small surprises" for each employee in advance

To thank each employee for their hard work and struggle in the development of the company, we also prepared a bunch of eternal flowers for everyone. The flowers have eternal vitality and vivid colors, reflecting everyone's joyful and happy smiling faces, warm, warm, Positive forces are transmitted and flowed on the spot.


It is time to be grateful, when this feeling of gratitude is quietly permeating our hearts, maybe you will regret your lack of courage, maybe you will not be able to perform because you have no chance, maybe you will miss another year of gratitude Feeling regretful. Then hug it!


In addition to eternal life flowers, we also prepare private customized greeting cards. Each greeting card is written with gratitude words from the company.


At the event site, an interactive message wall was set up. On the message wall, you can post sticky notes and blank greeting cards that you can take at will. You can write what you want to say, express your emotions, and express your gratitude to the people around you.

It is "filial piety" to repay the kindness of parenting; it is "loyalty" to repay the kindness of knowledge and encounters; it is "righteousness" to repay the kindness of friends; it is "love" to repay the love of husband and wife. Everyone at the scene is serious Writes...


Be grateful and discover the beauty of life; be grateful and find the warmth around you. Through this Thanksgiving Day event, the company helps employees discover the beauty in front of them, with a grateful heart, embark on the road to the future with an open-minded and bright mind, and face work and life with a positive and progressive spirit. , Filled my heart with the gifts of fate.


A grateful heart is the most true, shining, and most beautiful seed in the human heart. When it sprouts, it will bloom the flower of love and touch the fruit of wisdom, and your life will be changed. Think about it, there are really many people I need to be grateful for, customers, family, friends, life...