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2023 ERVAN continues to move forward


In 2023, the sales of LED lamps will show a rapid growth trend. This means that LED lamps will continue to be mainstream products in the lighting field in the future.

For the lighting industry, steady growth will also rise to a more important position. I believe that many enterprises have already felt the "spring warmth and flowers blooming" in the first quarter of this year. The market economy is improving, and there are more and more opportunities for cooperation. The era of economic recovery has finally arrived.

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In the past few years, affected by many unfavorable factors such as the epidemic and supply chain shortages, the lighting industry has faced many difficulties, and ERVAN Lighting is also facing a huge test. How to deal with the crisis, build a high-resilience brand, and achieve high-quality development has also become an important problem for LED companies.

Past achievements also show the resilient growth of ERVAN lighting, and the pace is still steady. The reason lies in the basic definition of "continuous innovation and consistency" and its clear market and product positioning.

Specifically, in 2023, for the new track, ERVAN can perfectly provide different smart solutions according to the application through smart sensors and wireless technology. Such as parking lots, classrooms, offices, warehouses, laundries, kitchens and industrial buildings, etc., it is necessary to save energy when there are no people in order to keep costs to a minimum. With the continuous advancement of LED lamp technology and the expansion of application fields, LED lamps will continue to maintain a strong development trend in the future.