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Second Ervan’s Day drew to a successful close on 25 October, 2014

Date:2014-10-26 15:32:00

The one-day Ervan's Day drew to a successful close on 25 October, 2014. There were two parts in the Ervan's Day. One was the Business time and the other was the Party time. Many activities were arranged during the business time like Introducing UFO of Galaxy to Ervan's partners. The most wonderful and amazing part was the brainstorm time. Many strategic advices have been come out for the development of Ervan during the brainstorm.

For the Party, there's no doubt it was super wonderful and exciting.Chinese kung fu and Face have attracted everyone's attentions. Especially, no one dared to blink their eyes at the Face time. The party was ended near to midnight.

Looking forward to the third Ervan's Day on 25 October, 2015.