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Light Revolution, LOW UGR Industrial lighting

Date:2018-11-23 18:05:12

Ervan honey comb high bay with professional optic design, can low down UGR level
effectively. It can not only help to reduce cost in product, shipment, and installation, but
also give an important role in the Health&Safety care and social responsibility.
Cost effictive
High bay cost + reflector cost, more cost

Ervan integrated honey comb high bay, more economic 

Freight saving
High bay+reflector, bigger dimension 

Ervan integrated honey comb high bay, smaller dimension

Easy installation
Install the high bay, and then the reflector, long time

Ervan integrated honey comb high bay, time saving

According to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)
Low UGR level light is used to alleviate the eyes discomfort caused by glare in interior.
Improvement on working efficiency
High optical efficiency, even illumination uniformity&acceptable UGR
brings comfortable working space and improve the working efficiency.
Glare can cause the lost of employee concentration, headache problem and eye trouble.
Anti glare high bay takes care of employee’s safety and health at work.