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Wang Yi: support for who can save more lives.


2020, 04, 29, 00:24 source: People's Network - International Channe

People's daily, Beijing, April, 29, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website, Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs, attended the special foreign ministers' meeting of the BRICs to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing on the evening of April 28th.

Wang Yi said the BRICs should support United Nations agencies to play their due role in fighting the epidemic. WHO is the core force to coordinate and promote the global cooperation in anti epidemic. It is also indispensable for helping developing countries, especially African brothers and sisters, to fight against the epidemic situation. Supporting the World Health Organization can save more lives, treat more patients, respond more effectively to viruses, and unite the global anti epidemic force. At the critical moment of human virus fight, any practice that weakens the authority of the World Health Organization and hinder the role of the World Health Organization is neither timely nor supported by the international community.

Wang Yi said that on the basis of full and timely payment of who's membership dues, China has recently donated two US dollars to the WHO for the first time in recent 50 million consecutive years. We will also contribute to the United Nations global humanitarian response plan and reduce the debt burden of African countries within the limits of their ability to help local improve their capacity to cope with the epidemic. In view of the shortcomings and shortcomings exposed in this crisis, we should also promote the improvement of global public health governance and create a community of human health and health.

(Editor: Cao Kun, Liu Juntao)