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LEDinside to Grandly Launch the 2020 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies


According to the latest report by LEDinside, the research division of TrendForce, “2020 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies,” UV LED used to rely on pricing reduction to seize market acceptance of brands and consumers. But currently under the impact of COVID-19, brands and consumers’ awareness of sterilization has been greatly enhanced. UV-C LED manufacturers’ order inquiries dramatically increased after Lunar New Year. It is believed that UV-C LED will have the opportunity to steadily improve market value. 


UV mercury lamp has an advantage of high optical power and is mainly used for disinfection in large space like schools and hospitals. However, UV LED does not need warm-up time and is free of mercury, so it is safer, more sustainable with a longer lifespan, less energy cost and less thermal loss. Besides, as UV-C LED uses single waveband and needs to improve in optical power, it is relatively safer regarding irradiation. In addition, with the strength of miniaturized light source, it can well meet the market demands of small space and surface disinfection.

Affected by COVID-19, various UV-C LED products are rising in the market, covering disinfection bags, boxes, maternity products, UV-C disinfecting torchlights and potable disinfecting products, boosting demands of the UV-C LED market.

“UV-C LED manufacturers have been committed to develop the field of home appliance brands for many years. As UV-C LED technology gets more mature and is more acceptable by big brands, UV-C LED will eventually enter the growth booming period in 2020. Compared with the household brand market, UV-C LED product prices are more acceptable for commercial application field. As UV-C LED technology gets stable and its brand acceptance improves, UV-C LED is likely to be adopted in commercial air conditioner, surface disinfecting applications and water disinfection fields,” said Joanne Wu, Research Manager at TrendForce.

Moreover, since in-car air is relatively close and in low circulation, which easily affected by smells of food, cigarette smoke perfume or even bacteria and viruses brought by the passengers, air inside cars often has malodorous smell and may lead to passengers’ illness. Therefore, the market of passenger cars plans to introduce UV-C LED for external sterilization products and air conditioning to create clean air.

Deep UV LED includes UV-B LED and UV-C LED, and various applications are constantly emerging in 2020. However, the coexistence of superior and inferior product quality leads to a slightly chaotic market order.

TrendForce 2020 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies Report provides cross analysis on applications and sales channels to discuss major trends of UV-C LED market in 2020. The report will cover application fields including home appliances, commercial space, automotive field, potential water purifier markets to discuss branding strategies in those channels. In addition, specialty lighting markets covering sterilization lighting, food industry applications, fishery applications, horticultural lighting, phototherapy and curing equipment market trends and practical case analysis are discussed in the report as well. TrendForce aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of Deep UV LED products development and sales.