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India's Delhi Metro resumes operation and adopts UV disinfection technology to enhance safety


According to reports, the Delhi Metro Corporation (DMRC) of India is using ultraviolet disinfection lamps to disinfect the surfaces of subway cars and subway stations to provide passengers with a sanitary environment.

Earlier, due to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the Delhi Metro system was closed since March and resumed operation on September 7.


Image source: Pennsylvania State University

Considering that the epidemic situation is still very serious, Delhi Metro has adopted a number of measures to ensure the safety of passengers. One of the measures is to use UV disinfection technology to sterilize contact points in public areas. However, the disinfection lamp used is likely to be a traditional ultraviolet mercury lamp instead of a UV LED lamp. After all, the cost of using UV LED disinfection technology in large places is still higher than that of mercury lamps.

Since this year, UV disinfection technology has been widely used in public transportation systems such as buses, subways and even airplanes. For example, the subway and buses in New York, London Heathrow Airport, United Airlines, Shanghai Pudong Public Transport, and Wuhan subway air conditioning systems all use ultraviolet disinfection technology.

It is worth noting that Pudong Bus adopts the LED ultraviolet disinfection technology, and cooperates with the intelligent control system to realize the technical transformation of the purification and ultraviolet disinfection workshop.

Driven by various forces around the world, UV LEDs are constantly breaking through technical difficulties such as light efficiency and illuminance, and the cost is expected to gradually decrease. From the perspective of market application, UV LED technology has begun to emerge, especially in the UVC LED part. At this stage, UVC LED has played a role in surface sterilization, water treatment and air purification. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)

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