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Cultural tourism + night economy "comes back", can the landscape lighting industry take it to the ne


If home lighting and commercial lighting meet people's daily life and work needs, then landscape lighting meets people's spiritual needs to a certain extent. Landscape lighting is a night landscape that integrates functions such as lighting and art viewing. Its application fields cover buildings, squares, parks, bridges, mountains, lakes and trees and other special natural carriers. It can show characteristic regions through the interpretation of lighting Culture, enrich people's night life, beautify and enhance the image of the city.

From the prosperous period to the stable period, landscape lighting will develop in the direction of specialization, intelligence and art

In recent years, the national and local governments have issued various policies to vigorously support the development of a beautiful China, green lighting, smart city construction, urbanization construction and characteristic town construction, etc., which have greatly stimulated the market demand for landscape lighting. At the same time, in the process of promoting cultural dissemination and exchange, many large-scale events presented by light shows have been spawned, and it has also provided development opportunities for the landscape lighting industry. In addition, as a major force to promote consumption upgrades and economic growth, the market scale of the night economy continues to grow rapidly. Local governments have launched plans to develop the night economy, aiming to create characteristic night scenes, promote green lighting, and further drive the demand for landscape lighting. Taking 2019 as an example, Chengdu announced the special plan for landscape lighting in the central urban area of Chengdu (2017-2025), and issued the "Implementation Opinions on Developing the City's Night Economy and Promoting Consumption Upgrade"; Hefei City reviewed and approved the "Implementation of Accelerating the Development of Night Economy" Opinions"······The introduction of a series of policies has further set off a wave of landscape lighting project construction. Road lighting and cultural and tourism building lighting renovation and upgrading projects are overwhelmed.·····Integrated multiple stimulating conditions, the landscape lighting market is in In a few years, it developed rapidly from the budding stage to the booming stage.


Until the end of 2019, the central government issued a notice in response to the trend of deviating from reality, blind construction and excessive lighting, and began to carry out special rectifications on the "achievement projects" and "face projects" issues such as excessive landscape lighting projects. Since then, the pace of development of the landscape lighting industry has slowed down, and has gradually entered a period of rational development, and related regulations and standards have also been on stage. For example, in May 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced the industry standard "Urban Lighting Construction Planning Standard", which has been implemented on June 1. The standard stipulates that relevant planning should prioritize functional lighting, and build landscape lighting according to local conditions to avoid excessive construction; at the same time, it also stipulates that functional lighting and landscape lighting should be coordinated to strengthen integrity and create a harmonious light environment. In addition, the first industry standard for LED landscape lighting equipment was officially released in June this year. This standard is T/CSA060-2020 "General Technical Requirements for LED Landscape Lighting Equipment", which was written and formulated by Leyard Lighting, which systematically stipulates standards for lighting fixtures, power supply equipment, and control equipment.

All in all, on the one hand, the development of the landscape lighting market has begun to be followed. On the other hand, as LED lighting-related companies transition to characteristic cultural tourism lighting, lighting products tend to be professional, intelligent and personalized, and lighting interpretation is more culturally expressive and artistic. Generally speaking, the development of landscape lighting tends to be in harmony with the connotation of regional culture, human visual psychological experience and the sustainable development of natural laws, so as to realize the economic value and social value of landscape lighting.

From www.ledinside.com