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American ATM supplier develops disinfection device using silver ion technology and purple blue LED l


So far, LEDs for sterilization have been widely used in various household appliances such as washing machines, water purifiers, and air conditioners to prevent the spread of diseases, especially the new coronavirus that still poses a global threat. The outbreak of the epidemic has greatly improved people's awareness of sterilization and disinfection. As demand continues to grow, various innovative products have come out.

A few days ago, American ATM supplier Hyosung America announced that it has developed a disinfection device for its ATM, using silver ion technology with a sterilization rate of 99.9% and sterilization LED lights to sterilize ATM contact points, helping to alleviate the health and safety of users using ATM concern.


Image source: Hyosung America


Hyosung America said that starting this fall, the company's ATMs will be equipped with upgraded disinfection devices, equipped with silver-ion antibacterial touch screens and keyboards, and purple-blue LED germicidal lamps.

According to Hyosung America, Violet Blue LED is not an ultraviolet LED, but its sterilization rate can reach 99%, and it is harmless to human health. At present, the company has not disclosed the specifications of this LED, but there are opinions that it may be far UVC light with a wavelength of 222nm.

Hyosung America is committed to providing better protection for ATM users. In addition to the above-mentioned disinfection upgrade device, the company also announced a new service for existing ATMs, that is, the use of temporary antibacterial coatings that can protect the surface of ATMs to ensure normal operation of the ATMs, and it is recommended to reapply the coatings after 6 months. Floor. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)

From www.ledinside.com