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2020 plant lighting LED output growth of nearly 40%


According to a survey by TrendForce's Optoelectronics Research Division, LED plant lighting will become one of the fastest-growing lighting applications in 2020, due to the gradual legalization of cannabis cultivation in North America and the new crown pneumonia epidemic that makes medical and recreational cannabis The market size has soared. In addition, the impact of the epidemic on the food supply chain is gradually showing, and investment in indoor planting agriculture is heating up again. Due to equipment replacement and increased demand for new additions, orders for plant lighting LED companies have grown rapidly since the second quarter. It is estimated that global plant lighting LEDs in 2020 The market will look at 158 million US dollars, with an annual growth rate of 39.7%.

Lamp life and cost are two major problems for manufacturers, and indoor agriculture will become the main driver of the plant lighting LED industry in the future

At present, the two major requirements of indoor planting agriculture are the increase of plant output and the decrease of the cost of lighting equipment. It is necessary to cooperate with enterprises in the LED supply chain to continuously introduce new plant lighting solutions to meet market demand.

At present, the plant lighting LED brand factories mainly include Signify, Fluence by OSRAM, GE Current, Ilumitex, Heliospectra and Sananbio, etc. The overall efficiency and reliability of the lamps are the main technical indicators considered by the lamp brand factories; while for non-traditional In agriculture, the maintenance cost of LED lighting equipment is the higher part of the long-term operating cost. Therefore, luminaire manufacturers also need to consider the life of the luminaire simultaneously.

In addition, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LEDs, especially red LEDs, is also an important key to reducing the manufacturing cost of lamps. The current mainstream solution in the market uses medium and high power LEDs. In the future, it is not ruled out that there are better solutions to achieve cost reduction.

Plant LED output light efficiency per watt PPE (μmol/J) and the required spectrum of plants are important indicators for increasing plant yield. The main suppliers of LED components for plants are OSRAM, Samsung LED, CREE, Seoul Semiconductor, Lumileds, Nichia, Everlight, etc., each supplier Each has different product competitive advantages. Among them, Osram Opto Semiconductors and Samsung LED are the market leaders.


Image source: OSRAM

Looking ahead, under the requirements of ensuring food safety, the food supply chain will be shortened through the development of urban indoor planting agriculture and the investment in the construction of plant factories; in addition, according to the investment situation of non-traditional agricultural projects, compared with 2019 and 2020 in Europe and the United States The amount of investment in emerging agricultural technology in Japan has increased significantly, which shows that the capital market is highly interested in it. Among them, lighting equipment is an important part of plant factories. Most manufacturers see double-digit growth targets for plant lighting LED revenue this year. This move is bound to drive the second wave of growth in the market. (Text: TrendForce Liu Lingli)

 From www.ledinside.com