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2020 Global LED home smart lighting market outlook



TrendForce’s LED Research Center (LEDinside)’s latest "TrendForce 2020 Global LED Lighting Market Report-Lighting-Level Packaging and Lighting Product Trends-1H20" stated that with technological development, product maturity, manufacturers’ active promotion, and the popularization of smart lighting-related concepts, global The smart lighting market has entered a stage of rapid development. LEDinside analyzed that the scale of the LED smart lighting market in 2019 was close to 10.7 billion US dollars. Among them, home smart lighting accounted for 29% of the global smart lighting market in 2019, reaching US$3.11 billion.

The mainstream communication protocols for home lighting include Bluetooth, ZigBee, and WiFi. At this stage, European and American lighting products mostly use Bluetooth and WiFi communication protocols to be compatible with Amazon and Google smart speakers. In the future, Bluetooth Mesh will become the mainstream specification of the market communication protocol. Its advantage does not require a communication gate (Gateway), the response speed is quite fast, short distance and narrow coverage applications, for high-density nodes or remote applications, Bluetooth Mesh will be a good choice.

European and American smart home lighting ecological chain-Amazon, Google, APPLE

The global home smart lighting market is still in its infancy. However, North America and Europe have the strongest growth momentum. With the popularity of smart speakers such as Amazon and Google, they have successfully driven the market entry of smart lighting homes.

Lighting brand manufacturers such as Signify, LEDVANCE, Juno Lighting (a brand of Acuity Brands) and LE white-brand manufacturers have launched smart lighting bulbs and lamps, compatible with smart speakers, allowing users to easily control home lighting. The product is further equipped with dimming and color adjustment functions to provide human lighting and entertainment lighting functions.

China's smart home lighting ecological chain-Xiaomi, Huawei, Alibaba

International lighting manufacturers such as Signify and LEDVANCE, based on European and American experience, believe that smart home lighting still depends on the popularity of smart speakers. Therefore, it is currently actively discussing cooperation with Chinese IoT companies, hoping to drive the market entry of smart lighting homes.

Domestic lighting manufacturers, including Op Lighting and NVC Lighting, are also actively embracing Chinese IoT companies to jointly develop LED smart lighting products. For example, in 2018, NVC and Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop smart home lighting solutions. More than forty NVC lighting products were connected to Ali's smart platform. In addition, in September 2019, Sunshine Lighting reached a strategic cooperation with Alibaba’s Tmall Elf. It will focus on the smart home IoT scene and fully cooperate in the aspects of technology, products, sales, operations, and marketing, and jointly develop a Smart products demanded by users to create an interconnected, mutually beneficial, intelligent networking ecosystem.

From www.ledinside.com