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What are the commonly used lamps in the family



What are the commonly used lamps in the family? How to buy lamps in different positions and different sizes?

Home lamps-living room lights

1. Home Lamps-Selection of Living Room Lamps

1. If the living room is a little smaller, you can choose some 60CM crystal lamps. There is no problem with the brightness, because the crystal lamps are all the lamp heads, and you only need to replace the bulb to light up.

2. The living room is slightly medium or large, you can put a slightly larger square crystal lamp, or 800cm to 1.5 meters round crystal lamp is acceptable, according to the size of your own living room.

3. If the living room is about square, it is best to buy a round crystal lamp, which will be more symmetrical in comparison. There are also many types of round crystal lamps. If you like the splendid feeling of gold and green, it is recommended to buy rhubarb crystal lamps.

4. Some people who buy lamps will find it too troublesome to use crystal lamps, so they will choose some large flat lamps. Compared with the crystal lamp, the price of the flat panel lamp will be lower, and the cleaning and repair will be simpler, so the flat panel lamp is also a big choice as a living room lamp. Some flat lamps are equipped with LEDs and 4 types of dimming, and others are not dimmable, so look at your personal needs.

Home lamps-hall lights

Second, home lamps-the choice of hall lights

1. Now most of the new house will have a line at the entrance to let you install the hall light. If the hall light is installed, the most choice now is to install a meal hanger, because many people like the hang of the meal hanger and feel very beautiful.

2. In addition to the dining crane, some people will install it. Although the glazed lamp is turned on, although the brightness is not enough, it was also very beautiful.

3. The small crystal lamp is also a big choice for the installation of the hall, although the price will be significantly higher, but it is very beautiful. You can choose 40CM and 60CM crystal lamps to be placed in the hall.

Home lamps-bedroom lights

Three, home lamps-the choice of bedroom lights

1. There are many options for bedroom lights, such as crystal lights. Crystal lights are basically equipped with remote control and binning, and LEDs are the most power-saving and durable. Usually, LEDs can be used, which is installed in the bedroom. There is some contrast in money.

2. Ordinary ceiling lamp, which is the most selected now, because the price is cheap, and it is easy to clean and replace, so most people will install the ceiling lamp in the bedroom.

3. Dining pendant lamp, the dining pendant is installed in the bedroom or a few. The dining crane installed in the bedroom is actually very beautiful, that is, some people hanging up will talk about getting up and meeting, and the brightness is not very bright (because there is a light shield blocking the relationship) so there are still a few choices for dining, but I still prefer meals Hang, because it feels very good, depending on individual preferences.

4. There are many types of small panel lights. Panel lights are between ceiling lights and crystal lights. It is also a very good choice.

Home lamps-balcony lights

Fourth, home lamps-the choice of balcony lights

1. Meal hanger is also a good choice to install on the balcony, because the beautiful can be seen from the first floor.

2. Lantern lights, there is now a kind of chandelier similar to a lantern, and it is also a choice for most people, because it has a point, there is no need to buy a lantern during the New Year.

3. The small ceiling lamp is also the choice of most people, it doesn't need to look good, as long as there is a bright one.

4. Glazed lamp, because it is beautiful and some people do not like the hanging of the meal hanging, nor the simplicity of the ceiling lamp, so they will choose the glazed lamp for installation on the balcony.

Household lamps-kitchen lights

Fifth, household lamps-the choice of kitchen lights

1. Someone in the kitchen now has an integrated ceiling, so they will directly install the integrated ceiling light. If it is a gusset, you can install a ceiling light in the kitchen, which is easy to clean and bright.

2. Double tube panel lights, the price will be cheaper, and the brightness is very bright.