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2014 was the most lively year in the fitness industry, from the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” that is popular all over the world to the “Little Apple Square Dance” that is popular all over the world, and then the “Run, Brother” that is popular in the whole city. Whether it is a big man in the technology industry, professional athletes, actors and celebrities or ordinary people, there has been a wave of fitness. In 2015, I believe that people will spend more and more on fitness and time, so how should various fitness clubs respond to the evolving needs of the market in decoration design? Let us listen to how designers Say.

Fitness clubs are generally divided into three types. The first is the gym in the hotel, which usually has a swimming pool, but the area is not large, the price is relatively expensive, and the popularity is not enough. It is mainly for hotel guests. The second is a membership-based gym for middle- and upper-income groups. It has advanced equipment, comprehensive courses and a strong coaching staff. Popularity is generally quite strong. The third type is the public health club. The hardware and software level is relatively low, but the popularity is very sufficient.

Follow the three principles of design, leisure and fitness are correct

The decoration of the fitness club does not need to be too luxurious or too personal, the focus is on the function, and the safety, functionality and comfort of the customer should be fully considered. Huang Jianping, design director of Guangzhou Bomei Lighting Design Co., Ltd. and senior national lighting designer, believes that the design of the fitness club should follow the following three principles:

1. The design and positioning of the fitness club should follow the principles of fitness and leisure.

The gym is still the main space for people to relax while releasing fitness and work pressure, enjoyment, entertainment and gatherings, so there must be good ventilation and beautiful environment to make people feel fresh and refreshing while exercising. Full relaxation and enjoyment of body and mind.

2. The functional layout of the fitness club should follow scientific and reasonable principles.

Cardiopulmonary function training room (aerobic training) cardiopulmonary function equipment should be as far as possible to the outside of the room with a landscape, the field of vision is wide. The physical fitness training room (anaerobic training) must be spacious and large enough to give the bodybuilder a feeling of openness, and the layout should avoid the columns as much as possible. The yoga room should be set in an absolutely quiet area. It is best to choose the leisure area by the window, with green plants, so that the athletes are like being in a natural environment.

3. The decoration materials of the fitness club should follow the principle of environmental protection and low carbon.

Modern people are pursuing a comfortable life with low carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, the design of the gym should be designed and selected according to the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, which is conducive to environmental protection and physical and mental health of the human body, but also meets the consumer needs of modern people.

Humanized design, improve the space level

Variety of lighting design, highlighting the function of different areas

Spaces with different functions have different requirements for the selection of illuminance, color temperature and lamps. The fitness order training room (anaerobic training) of fitness clubs, such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, weightlifting, muscle training and other high-speed and vigorous sports, need to provide enough bright illumination and uniform lighting effects to ensure the safety of sports. Around 300LUX, the color temperature is around 5000K; the treadmill, swimming, cycling, fitness dance, rhythmic exercise and other areas of the cardiopulmonary exercise room (aerobic training) need to provide bright and uniform illumination effects, the illumination is around 200LUX The color temperature is about 4000K; the yoga room and the rest area are relatively dark, the illumination is about 150LUX, the color temperature is about 3000K, which reflects the soft and quiet lighting environment; the illumination in the dressing room and bathroom is about 100LUX, and the color temperature is about 3000K.

In order to ensure the illuminance and uniformity, the fitness order training room and the cardiopulmonary function training room can use lamps or wide-angle lamps with a lamp angle of more than 45 degrees; yoga rooms and gymnastics rooms will have some supine movements, so the lamps should avoid narrow-angle spotlights Or direct light source to avoid eye irritation, you should choose semi-indirect and semi-direct lighting energy-saving lamps or lamps with deep anti-glare design.