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LED flood light installation method



The so-called LED floodlight is actually a spotlight, which is controlled by a built-in microchip. It is generally suitable for a small range of light irradiation, and its light source is generally LED, LED floodlight and ordinary floodlight installation. It's similar, but how do you install LED flood lights? Let's take a look at the detailed answers.

LED flood light, effect picture of flood light

Keep the lamps intact

Before installing the LED flood light, in order to ensure the quality of its use after installation, it is recommended that you perform a detailed inspection of the lighting products present before installing the LED flood light. Try to check the external view of the LED flood light. There is no damage, whether all accessories are complete, whether the purchase invoice is there, in case the lamp has quality problems and can have after-sales service, etc., and it must be carefully checked when testing each item.

Installation preparation 

After the appearance of all the lamps and lanterns is not damaged and the accessories are complete, you need to prepare for the installation of the lamps. You should first organize the installation personnel according to the installation drawings attached to the factory, first connect several projectors and try the installation drawings. Is it correct? If conditions permit, you can arrange one person to test one by one, to avoid getting the installation site. After installation, it will be damaged and removed and replaced. In addition, you need to prepare the tools that are needed in all aspects of the installation process. , Materials, etc.

Fixing and wiring

After the location of the lamp is arranged, it needs to be fixed and wired, and it must be paid attention to during the wiring process, because the general floodlights are outside, so the waterproof of the outdoor wiring is very important, so it is recommended that you best It is best to review it when fixing and wiring to ensure that the installation quality is in place.

LED flood light

Ready to try

After the LED floodlight is fixed and connected, and it is ready to try to light, it is best to use a multimeter on the main power supply to check whether there is a short circuit in the wrong line, etc., so as to ensure that even if the floodlight is shorted by the wiring After turning on the power, there will be no burnout. It is recommended that you do it in place and do not be lazy.

Check the installation quality

After all the trial lighting is done, try to light it up for a period of time, and check it again the next day and the third day. After doing so, everything is good, and generally there will be no problems later.