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LED Tubulaire



The office is where we work every day. In the workplace, our eyes are very important. We must let our eyes be in a comfortable environment so that we can complete the work better, and the efficiency of completing the work will be improved to a certain extent, so Office lighting is very important for every office. Let's take a look at how to choose office LED lamps.

At present, LED lighting commonly used in office lighting is mainly LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights, etc. LED lights represented by LED downlights are rapidly gaining popularity in the office and gradually eroding the office lighting market share. From the appearance, the simple design sense of the current office environment mainly relies on the simple and neat lines of the lamps to create a bright and efficient style. At the same time, as the office environment has higher requirements for lighting effects and lighting duration, the improvement of the quality of office lighting products has become particularly important.

1. How to choose LED lamps in a single office

The single office is usually the office of a senior executive. In terms of decoration and lighting design, it reflects the taste and personality of the company's corporate culture. In this office, there are generally conversational tasks and various decisions for company development. In terms of lighting requirements, the illuminance value above the desk is higher (at least not less than 300Lx), and the lighting in the meeting area needs to be softer (about 200Lx).

In terms of using lamps, there are relatively more choices for single offices. Some companies that pay attention to quality and refinement may add a ceiling chandelier. For the selection of main lighting, 3W or 5W LED downlights can be used. Or panel lights. LED light strips may also be used in the light trough of the suspended ceiling to enhance the layering of the space and make the lighting design more refined.

2. How to choose LED lamps for open collective office

Public office areas are commonly used in open office spaces such as customer service centers and technical offices, and are the largest space in the office area. The survey results show that the average illuminance of the open collective office is mostly between 200-400Lx. In terms of lighting, all work surfaces should be fully and evenly illuminated so that all workstations can be fully illuminated for efficient work.

The main lighting can use LED panel light or LED downlight. In addition, the lamps need to have better anti-glare performance, and the comfort of the lights should be high to protect the eyes of the staff. In terms of lamp placement, general office lighting should be designed on both sides of the work area, and it should not be placed directly in front of the work location.

3. How to choose LED lamps in the lounge and reception room

The regional functions of the lounge and reception room, as the name implies, are to receive company guests. Therefore, the decoration and lighting are equivalent to the company's "business card", and the first impression given to the guests is very important. The lighting requirements are comfortable and soft, and the average illumination is usually between 200Lx-250Lx. This space can also be properly designed to enhance the sense of design through ceiling pendant lights, and LED downlights and light strips are also indispensable.

LED lamps, LED lights in the meeting room

4. How to choose LED lamps in the conference room

The lighting of the conference room should consider the lighting of the conference table, which makes it convenient for people to make notes and concentrate on their energy. According to the illuminance survey results of the conference room, the average illuminance is higher than the open collective office. According to the CIE standard, it should be kept between 300-500Lx. In the color temperature of the lamps and lanterns, a white light with a calm atmosphere is generally selected.

In the use of lamps in conference rooms, it is recommended to use a combination of LED downlights + LED strips or LED panel lights + LED strips, with a switch design, which can ensure that the desktop has sufficient horizontal illumination and can be turned off. When the PPT is explained, it is convenient for the staff to clearly read the meeting documents and take notes.