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How to change the LED lamp?



Now the interior decoration design pays attention to harmony and beauty, and the requirements for the selection of lamps are getting higher and higher. As a tool for indoor lighting, the role of lamps is becoming more and more important, but quality problems often occur in lamps, how to replace lamps? The following editors tell you the precautions for lamp replacement!

Lamps, LED lamps

1. Replace the LED ceiling lamp: When replacing the LED ceiling lamp, take off the original rectifier and replace it with a new one, because the rectifier and the wick of the LED lamp are integrated, and the wick is fixed on the chassis. Okay.

Second, replace the incandescent lamp: When replacing the incandescent lamp, in the process of removing the bulb, do not touch the metal part at the bottom of the bulb to prevent danger. When replacing the bulb, hold the part closest to the lamp port with your hand to prevent accidents during disassembly.

3. Replace the spotlight: There is a spring clip on the back of the ceiling spotlight. When dismantling, hold the two sides of the lampshade and pull gently down with your hand. Keep holding the spring with your hand. Loosen the spring after the disassembly is completed. Be careful Injured. Just connect the driver and lamp in the white square box with black clips, and then pull out the black clips.