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How to buy study lamps



The study is a very important place for us. If you are in the study at night, you have to use lights. If you do n’t choose the study lamps, it will have a great impact on our eyesight. So how do you buy study lamps?

Study light

1. When choosing a lamp, it also has certain requirements for its color. If we do not notice the color choice of a lamp when we decorate the study, it will directly affect the eyesight of the family and will cause greater damage to the eyes. . This will directly cause great harm to our health, so we must pay attention to the color of the lamp when choosing.

2. It is best to choose a pale yellow soft light when choosing a light during the decoration of the study. Such a color not only meets our needs for light, but also does not make us feel that such light is dazzling. We can also put a desk lamp with stronger lighting on the desk, but we need to buy eye protection desk lamp for our eyes.

3. If we choose the lamps in the study room to be dim in color, it will have a greater impact on our eyesight, and it will make us feel that the eyes are particularly strenuous when we study, and it will not take long. You will feel tired. However, it is not possible to choose particularly bright light fixtures, which will only add to the fatigue of our vision and will be very detrimental to our health.