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How is the layout of the home decoration light switch



There are very few parts for mobile phones, but each part has its role. For home decoration, every detail of the installation of home lighting should be considered. Although the opening of the lighting is unremarkable, but it is not easy to use, it is also very troublesome for the impact on life. For example, when I climbed out of the bed and turned off the light in winter, I realized how important it is to reach out the switch. Let's take a look at the layout of the home decoration lamp switch.

Home lamps

First draw the position of all the switches on the sign (generally the switch is 140cm off the ground), and then walk around, the test height is not suitable, not smooth, the focus is to be consistent with life habits. This test must be completed before the hydropower master enters the field, so that the construction will not be changed twice.

Lamp switch-entrance: From the door, which lamp is the most frequently turned on? Not the entrance lamp, but the living room lamp. Therefore, the switch of the living room light should be at the entrance. In addition, it is better to install a sensor light in the entrance, so that the door will automatically light when the door is opened, and there is no need to find the light switch in the dark.

Lamp switch-bedroom: It is best to set switches at the head of the bed and at the entrance, which can be controlled bilaterally, so that you do n’t have to get up to turn off the lights before going to bed. It is convenient for people who are used to reading in bed.

Lamp switch

Lamp switch-staircase: switch should be installed at the top and bottom, and it is designed for bilateral control that can be turned on and off. This is easy to control up and down the stairs, and there are lights.

Lamp switch-living room: Because the lamp is often on and off, you can set the front and back switches on the moving line. It is more convenient to use bilateral control. If the main lamp has a three-segment light, please ask the construction team to set it as a multi-segment switch (the same switch determines how many lamps are lit according to the number of presses). The lights need to be turned on again to save power. If a TV light is installed, it is better to have a TV light switch near the sofa instead of installing it on the TV side, so that you can control the light without sitting on the sofa.

Lamp switch-toilet: The switches in general rooms, kitchens and toilets are installed at the entrance, either outside or inside the door. However, it is better to install the toilet outside the door, because there are wires in the switch panel. If it is installed inside the door, the toilet will have heavy moisture and rust and electric shock.