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Flat lamp features



1. Adopt high-efficiency LED chip and unique heat dissipation design to ensure low light attenuation and long life.

2. The surface is bright, the light is even and not dazzling.

3. High power efficiency. The startup time is short and no flashing.

4. Light weight, easy to install, environmental protection and no pollution.

5. Stable performance, strong versatility, and easy installation.

6. The service life is up to 50,000 hours, frequent switching does not affect the service life.

7. Green products, no pollution elements.

8. No ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, so as not to cause radiation damage.

9. Adopt soft light technology, expand to surface light source, visual fatigue, and sublimate visual effect.

10. High color rendering index, strong color, clear vision, suitable for high-end places.

11. No stroboscopic, pure DC operation, eliminating visual fatigue;