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Halloween "ghost night"


Halloween is a traditional western festival on November 1 every year, and October 31 on the eve of Halloween is the most lively time of the festival. This day, for children, is to be able to wear different clothes and play "pumpkin making, mask making" and other games with their parents and peers. Children can exchange their own works for many sweets. Maybe this is their happiest moment! At the same time, it is also the company's purpose to enrich the company's employees' spare time life and enhance their sense of belonging to the company.

Halloween "ghost night"(图1)

Halloween "ghost night"(图2)

Halloween "ghost night"(图3)

Halloween "ghost night"(图4)

Halloween "ghost night"(图5)Halloween "ghost night"(图7)

Halloween "ghost night"(图8)

Halloween "ghost night"(图9)

Halloween "ghost night"(图10)