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Breakthrough | Keep surpassing ourselves


    The east-west coastline was named one of the ten most beautiful routes in China by National Geographic Magazine. The east-west coastline is the most beautiful and classic coastline hiking route in Shenzhen: Pingshan is near the sea, mountains are vertical and horizontal, the coastline is long, beaches, islands, reefs, sea rocks, caves, bridges, pillars and other marine erosion landforms are well developed.

    People with strong executive power always do what they say and do, after simple discussions and comprehensive safety preparations! The friends from Ruizi's business department came to the scene and walked away! In society, I am Ruizi, and there are not many people who say no. Thing rushes through, throw him away!


    The coastline is about four kilometers, and the hiking mileage is nine kilometers! The whole journey is not easy. Although the scenery is beautiful on the way, you need to climb ropes, step on the rocks along the coast, and be careful of the rocks under your feet, because a little carelessness may cause you to sprain your ankle.The most beautiful thing in travel is not only the scenery, but also the people travelling together.



    The man at the replenishment point on the way is very good. Although the replenishment is very simple, it is not easy to move these supplies to this place! At this moment, a bowl of jelly and a popsicle that I did not agree with at this moment have brought everyone a sense of happiness!
    It turns out that what we lack is not the quality of life, but the attitude towards life...

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图4)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图5)

    The hot weather and overdrawn physical fitness can't suppress the passionate hearts of our business guys! Being able to release oneself and having fun in hardship is the basic psychological character that our business partners must have.In ancient times, there were broken boulders in the chest, but now there are XX broken pineapples! We dare to play what we want, dare to play the unexpected SPA...Life abuses me thousands of times, and I treat life like first love!

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Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图7)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图8)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图9)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图10)


For a long time, we thought there was no scenery in familiar places. In fact, we just lost the determination to go out. Although the journey is difficult, the scenery in the long distance is truly beautiful.

Life does not lack beauty, what it lacks is the heart to discover beauty...

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图12)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图13)

    After the arduous completion of the journey, you must reward yourself. For example, washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, brushing sauce and barbecue, everyone has a clear division of labor and has taken out their own excellent work, which fully reflects that every small partner in our business department is You can get tens of millions of orders, and you can make delicious delicacies at your fingertips !

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图14)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图15)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图16)

     The seaside at night is quiet and cool!  Play small games, talk to your heart, and throw it into the sea if you dont agree! This time the traversing operation basically brought down the curtain.

Happy time is always short, time is lost step by step, only memories are the most true.

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图17)

Breakthrough| Keep surpassing ourselves(图18)

Although material life is getting better and better,

But some people are not happy.

in fact,

People always look up to something.


Find a thing that is obsessed with,

It will accompany you through this long but short life.

The world is too vast, but a person's life is short.

Life is essentially a process of experience,

Everyone is looking for an experience no matter what they do,

It just feels different.

Life and workplace are both learning fields,

Every line can make people grow.

From novice Xiaobai to professional elite,

From easy to difficult,

From low altitude to high altitude,

Every step you take counts...