The Difference between T5, T8 and T4 LED Tubes


LED tubes Specifications: T8, T5, T4 LED tube length difference and the power Description: common specifications of LED tubes are t8 led tube, T5, T4 lamp, the companies are usually the users  of  T5 LED tube, long time ago users commonly used fluorescent T10, T12.“T”, on behalf of “Tube”, said tubular, T, said the figures behind the tube diameter. T8 is a 8 “T”, a “T” is 1 / 8 inch. One inch equals 25.4 mm. Then every “T” is 25.4 ÷ 8 = 3.175mm

led t8 tubes

T12 LED lamp diameter is (12 / 8) × 25.4 = 38.1 mm
T10 LED lamp diameter is (10 / 8) × 25.4 = 31.8mm
T8 tubes are (8 / 8) × 25.4 = 25.4mm [T8's just one inch diameter tube] (Note: Unified width 39mm, height 52mm)
Length fluorescent lamps commonly used in power: (20w length 620mm; 30w length 926mm; 40w length 1230mm)
T5 diameter tube is (5 / 8) × 25.4 = 16 mm (Note: The uniform width of 23.5mm, height 39mm)
Length fluorescent lamps commonly used in power: (8w length 310mm; 14w length 570mm; 21w length 870.5mm; 28w long 1170.5mm; 35w length 1475mm)
T4 is the diameter of tube (4 / 8) × 25.4 = 12.7 mm (Note: The unified width 21mm, height 32mm)
Length fluorescent lamps commonly used in power: (8w length 341mm; 12w length 443mm; 16w length 487mm; 20w length 534mm;
22w length 734mm; 24w length 874mm; 26w length 1025mm; 28w length 1172mm)
T3.5 lamp diameter is (3.5 / 8) × 25.4 = 11.1 mm
T2 tube diameter is (2 / 8) × 25.4 = 6.4 mm

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